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What is the College Tuition Refund Plan?

The College Plan is a form of group insurance originated by Dewar to give families the opportunity to protect their investment in education by refunding a portion of semester tuition, room and board lost because of a covered medical withdrawal.

Why do I need the College Tuition Refund Plan coverage?

The College Tuition Refund Plan provides exceptional coverage and peace of mind for families that do not want to possibly lose thousands of dollars if a student is unable to complete a semester due to  covered medical reasons.

How long has Dewar been offering the College Tuition Refund Plan?

A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. has been offering the College Tuition Refund Plan since 1930. Many of our current customer colleges and universities have been offering our coverage for decades.

What does the College Tuition Refund Plan cover?

The Plan provides coverage for Tuition, on campus room and board and mandatory fees (if applicable) when a student withdraws for covered medical reasons during a semester.

Doesn’t my College already give refunds for withdrawals?

Most colleges have a step-down refund policy that gives some refund of semester fees for withdrawals during the first few weeks of the term. For covered medical withdrawals, the College Tuition Refund Plan complements the college’s step-down refund policy for the applicable period, then serves as the only medical refund provider for the remainder of the semester.

Can loans be covered by the Plan?

Yes, student loans used to pay for college costs and taken out by the parent or the student can be covered under the Plan.

Are graduate students eligible to puchase the coverage?

Many of our participating colleges and universities have one or more graduate programs also offering the coverage. Please contact us to see whether our Plan is available for your particular program.

How are claims paid?

Claims that are approved for payment are paid either to the college/university for credit to the student account or directly to the family.

How are claims filed?

Claim forms are provided to the student/family upon notices of a  withdrawal. Medical information is provided to us by the treating professional. The college/university confirms the withdrawal on a separate form.

Can families apply for coverage electronically?

Yes, detailed information and an application can be found for most participating colleges at

How can I find out if my college/ university currently offers this coverage?

Feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.

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College Claim Forms

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