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What is the Tuition Refund Plan?

The Plan is a unique form of group insurance originated by Dewar to give parents the opportunity to protect their investment in education by refunding a portion of the unused annual tuition and insured fees lost because of a covered medical withdrawal, non-medical withdrawal, or dismissal.  The Plan also has the added benefit of helping to protect a school’s budgeted income by sending all refunds through the school to credit towards any unpaid tuition balance.

How long has this Plan been available?

A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. has been providing Tuition Refund Plan policies since 1930.  Over 1,300 leading independent schools and colleges are protected by the Plan.

Why is an annual-obligation enrollment contract important?

This is standard practice with most independent schools.  Because of yearly financial commitments for salaries and services, most schools rely on the enrollment contract to ensure receipt of the full annual tuition.  Parents often do not understand the necessity for such a contract and they are reluctant to admit their own full financial responsibility under its terms.  They do not understand that the school must contract in advance for services and that any loss in tuition income through student attrition puts a severe strain on the school budget.

If a student withdraws during the school year, what does a school do about any tuition balance?

If a school does not offer the Tuition Refund Plan, there are only two alternatives.  It can cancel the tuition obligation, or it can force the parent to pay under the terms of the enrollment contract.

What happens when a school cancels a tuition obligation?

The parent is appeased but at the school’s expense.  While the individual loss may not seem serious, it is not immaterial, and several such cases during the year can represent a sizable sum. Further, the school sets a costly precedent for canceling annual tuition obligations.

Do schools adhere strictly to the terms of its enrollment contract?

Generally they do, but it can often be difficult.  Parents are reluctant to pay for education not received when a child withdraws during the school year. The process of collecting the full tuition can be difficult and sometimes expensive.

Can the Tuition Refund Plan relieve the pressure to cancel an obligation?

With the Tuition Refund Plan, the school has a stated policy which is consistent, fair, and equitable.  Because of this equitable solution the pressure to cancel the tuition obligation is eliminated.

How are costs to parents determined?

The premium rates are a percentage of insured charges.  In the case of day students, this includes tuition and other fees.  For boarding students, tuition, fees, and room and board costs are included. Other charges (lab fees, extracurricular fees, etc.) can be included if the school prefers.  The actual percentage charge will depend on specific factors at each school.

Does the Plan need to be required?

A growing number of schools may include a participation requirement to ensure the greatest tuition protection for the school. Schools with enrollments of less than 150 students should include some type of participation requirement to make the Plan most affordable for parents.

What types of withdrawals are covered by the Plan*?
  1. Withdrawal due to illness or accident, including mental health conditions.
  2. The death of a student or  parent.
  3. Non-medical withdrawal for personal reasons, scholastic failure, transfer of family, change of objective, loss of job, etc.
  4. Dismissal for scholastic or disciplinary reasons.

*Exclusions and limitations may apply according to the limitations of the policy

How are claims filed?

Claim forms are supplied by the school.  They are completed by the school and parents and returned to Dewar by the school.

How quickly are claims paid?

Usually within a week after the claim is received by Dewar.  Checks are generally made payable to the school for credit to the student’s account.

Why are refunds made through the school?

To give the option of either refunding the entire amount to the parent or crediting the student account first if there is an outstanding balance due.

Can the plan be purchased by a parent on an individual basis?

No.  It can only be purchased through a participating school, as it is group insurance.

How is the Plan announced to parents?

Dewar supplies explanatory leaflets to the school that should be included with the enrollment contract mailing.  Dewar will also work with a school to provide the best announcement materials to fit the school’s Plan.

What is the school administrator’s role regarding the Plan?

The school administrator’s role is minimal. They assist in distributing leaflets with the enrollment contract mailing, submitting a list of insured students and completing the school claim form when a withdrawal occurs. After receiving Dewar’s claim payment, the administrator credits the student’s account, reducing or eliminating any unpaid balance, and forwards excess funds, if any, to the family.

Can students on scholarship be insured?

Yes.  The premium charge is usually based on the actual fees paid by the parent.  If desired, the parent or school can insure the value of the scholarship.

How can a school obtain a rate quotation?

Request an attrition form from Dewar.  Upon receipt of this information, Dewar will submit the attrition history for review.  A full proposal will then be returned to the school for consideration by the school’s administration.

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