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The Tuition Refund Plan is a specialized program used by schools to address the financial problems associated with student withdrawals and dismissals.

Your school's financial stability is dependent upon full receipt of tuition payments from parents. When a student withdraws or is dismissed, your fixed costs do not diminish. The Tuition Refund Plan eases the financial burden on both the school and the parent by making a prorated refund of tuition and insured fees. The refund is made to your school for credit to the student's account, assisting in full receipt of tuition by the school while easing the family's annual tuition commitment.

School business officers find that the Tuition Refund Plan makes settling the student account easier at a time when parent communication can be difficult. With more than 80 years of experience, Dewar provides professional third party resolution to the troublesome financial issues that accompany withdrawals and dismissals.

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